Travel If You

Travel If You is all about getting you on your next memorable vacation, without the hassle of planning or gathering a group to go with. TIY’s dream is to share travel with others.

Who is Travel If You?

Travel If You (TIY) is a small group tour operator that provides youthful travelers with a fully organized vacation that immerses the traveler into local and unique experiences (“experiential travel”). TIY trips are hand curated & ensure that every detail has been thought of and taken care of.

Accommodation, activities, meals, or transportation: TIY takes care of it all!

We thrive to create unforgettable experiences in destinations that have more to offer than your typical all-inclusive resort. TIY trips provide the opportunity for travelers to grow their travel experiences and become more confident and comfortable travelers.

We help those who are looking to expand their travel experiences, but they aren’t quite sure how to do so. Or maybe they just want a group to travel with!

We get it. It is not that easy to take the leap of faith to travel, and we are here for you! TIY’s goal is to help get you out of your comfort zone, while making it an easy and most importantly, a FUN and SAFE experience.

Let us get you off the all-inclusive resorts and cruise ships, and plan an unforgettable adventure full of pristine beaches & jungle adventures.

Why was Travel If You created?

All-inclusive resorts were never my vibe. As soon as I had the means to travel, I started looking for ways to explore new, off-the-beaten-path locations that offered culture, but also felt safe as a solo traveler. These experiences shaped my life! I found new foods, learned about rich cultures, explored beautiful beaches, and did I mention that I met my husband on one of these adventures?

​Through my travels, I have developed a passion to share unique travel experiences with others. To help grow their travel confidence and to understand more of the world. All while having a dang relaxing time, enjoying a few beers, gaining a trip best friend and taking it easy. As you deserve!

As the host of your trip, I want to curate a trip of a lifetime for your group! To do that, I’ve lined up the best of the best in each location (from my personal experiences!) to maximize your vacation time. I can’t wait to get to know you and look forward to meeting new people and learning new places together.

Love for life

TIY Travelers are passionate about living life to its fullest. From taking that nap on the beach to hiking a mountain, you are ready to embrace all life has to offer.

Openness & Inclusivity

At TIY, we want anyone and everyone to join our trips and to feel comfortable traveling. After all, traveling is the best way to bring people together!

Wellness & Self-Care

Staying healthy both physically and mentally are a top priority at TIY. We are here to feed your soul and get you moving but also relaxing. We believe Travel is the best form of self care.


We focus on leaving a minimal footprint when traveling. TIY partners with local companies that share these values. Leave a place in better condition than how you found it.

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