Frequently Asked Questions

Travel If You want to have a carefree trip with everything taken care of. We are here to answer any questions you may have and ensure you feel comfortable & confident. 

At Travel If You, we want you to have a carefree trip with everything taken care of. From accommodation and transportation to activities and dining, we give our all on our all-inclusive Mexican tours. 

Please browse our questions and answers below for further information. If there is something we haven’t taken care of, please get in touch with our friendly professional team who will be able to solve any queries. 

Travel If You understands how precious vacations are. That’s why we strive to collaborate with our clients to create stress-free vacations and ensure you feel comfortable and confident when booking your adventure with us. We’ll be on hand to support you throughout your vacation and after, should you need us!

Where does TIY travel to?

Travel If You offer tours to the Mexican states of Nayarit and Jalisco. We are working on some exciting new Mexican itineraries that we can’t wait to share with you!

Are flights included?

TIY’s Small Group Tours: TIY does not book flights from your home destination to the trip’s starting destination. However, we are happy to chat with you about the best options for flights to begin your tour.

TIY’s Private Tours: We can also include flights to and from your home destination. Reach out to learn more!

Is transportation during the trip included? Will I need to take taxis?

All transportation to scheduled locations and excursions is included. We travel in our comfortable private transportation throughout, ensuring cool and comfortable journeys. 

If you feel up to an independent adventure, TIY will help you to book a local taxi. All additional travel is at your own expense.

What are the boutique hotels like that we will be staying in?

TIY’s Small Group Tours: TIY Travelers stay in handpicked local boutique hotels that are chosen for their authentic charm and luxury qualities. 

TIY’s Private Tours: you have the opportunity to stay in a hand-picked private villa or boutique hotel. Your trip, your choice! We will discuss all options during your travel consultation. 

All hotels and villas will ensure you have a comfortable stay, a restful night of sleep, walkable locations, and safe surroundings. They offer quality rooms, high-end amenities, and relaxed vibes.

Will I be sharing a room? Are private rooms available?

TIY’s Small Group Tours: Prices are based on double occupancy rates, meaning you will share the room with a TIY traveler of your choice or a new friend selected by our team. Private rooms are available, by request and at an increased rate.

TIY’s Private Tours: Depending on your group size and preferences, TIY will work with you to find accommodation that works for your group.

How much flexibility is available with the itinerary?

With any activity, our motto is “Your trip, your choice”. We highly encourage flexibility and ensure each itinerary has plenty of free time planned.

TIY’s Small Group Tours: Hotels, transportation, and dates are fixed, but contact us with any special requests!

TIY’s Private Tours: These trips are fully customizable and provide complete flexibility with dates, budget, and more.

What should I expect from the booking process?

Our comprehensive booking process is as follows:

  1. Speak with TIY Travel Expert and select tour and dates.
  2. Reserve your tour spot and select a payment option.
  3. Receive booking confirmation with Welcome Guide.
  4. Receive an invoice in alignment with your payment option.
  5. Pay your invoice.
  6. Pay your subsequent invoices for the installment plan.
  7. Dream of your trip and start packing!
  8. Receive the finalized itinerary and Guidebook.
  9. Travel to your destination!

What are the payment options for a TIY Tour?

 When booking a tour with TIY Travel, we offer our travelers two different payment plan options. Travelers may choose to pay the total trip cost at the time of booking or pay for the trip in installments.

TIY’s Small Group Tours: A $250 deposit is already included in the total trip costs. For both payment options, this deposit is non-refundable and goes towards the costs of planning and organizing the trip itineraries.

TIY’s Private Tours: As many private tours require villa rentals and private experiences, we offer Pay in Full or the below Payment Plan for TIY’s fully customizable private tours.

What happens if I need to cancel or modify a booking?

We get it; life happens. We want you to be able to book with confidence and know that TIY will do its best to get you on the trip of your dreams. We offer flexible payment plans, a one-time booking modification, and worry-free cancellation up to 60 days ahead of your trip departure. Please read the terms in detail here.

TIY Travel also has an Extenuating Circumstances Policy, which covers your booking for any out-of-the-ordinary and unexpected life events. Please read more here.

As always, TIY Travel highly encourages travelers to obtain travel insurance to cover your booking for all scenarios. Please reach out to TIY to receive insurance recommendations.

What does an all-inclusive tour mean? Do I need to budget for additional costs?

TIY Travel Tours are an all-inclusive experience, meaning that accommodation, transportation, activities, and most meals are included. We recommend budgeting an additional $30 per day for additional food, shopping, and alcohol. 

This budget is highly dependent on your preferences. As we like to say: Your trip, your choice!

Can I book this trip as a solo traveler?

Of course! A lot of TIY travelers come alone. TIY travel allows you to be yourself while retaining a sense of community. TIY’s Small Group Tours are perfect for solo travelers. 

We have private and shared accommodation options for solo travelers.

Who will be on the trip?

TIY’s Small Group Tours: Each trip has between 10-14 travelers. This group size means travelers can get to know each other in an informal setting and experience all excursions without getting lost in the crowd. Everyone is welcome at TIY Travel and our average traveler is 25-50 years old.

A TIY Travel Guide will also be on the trip to manage coordination responsibilities and act as a local expert.

TIY’s Private Tours: If you book a private tour, of course, it will just be you and your travel party of 8+ people. You have the option of a self-guided or guided tour.

Are these destinations safe?

Safety for TIY travelers and our employees is our top priority. We spend time researching and visiting every destination and hotel in-person while planning our tours. Our itineraries are designed around locations that are known for safety and low crime rates. 

If you have any concerns about our destinations, please send us a message at

What is the meal situation?

Generally, breakfast is always included and a majority of lunches and dinners. Check your specific trip for more details!

Can I work while traveling?

The freedom and flexibility built into TIY’s trips allow for plenty of time to work remotely if needed. While we promote relaxation and rejuvenation, TIY does our best to ensure quality  WIFI connections so you can meet any work responsibilities.

Are there Covid-19 travel requirements?

Currently, Travel If You trips only operate in Mexico. There are no Covid-19 entry requirements to travel to Mexico. Testing or screening for COVID-19 is no longer regularly conducted but may occur upon arrival at airports in Mexico.

What types of activities are on your tours? Will there be time to relax?

We love helping travelers have new experiences and try new things! We offer travelers surf lessons, yoga on the beach, hiking adventures, off-roading in the mountains, boat cruises, snorkeling, food tours, tequila tastings, beach clubs, and much more! 

We cater to all fitness and activity levels. All activities are based on you and your group’s preferences. As we always say: Your trip, your choice!

Plus, there is ALWAYS time to relax. You can have rejuvenating vacation and an exciting travel experience all at the same time. The itineraries have built in plenty of chill time and beach hangs.

Travel If You is excited to learn more about your travel dreams and discover how we can help kickstart your next vacation.

Book your no-obligation consultation today and start planning your Mexican adventure!

Travel If You is always excited to learn more about your travel wishes and dreams and to discover how we can help get you on that next vacation.

Book your no obligation consultation to start your journey!