TIY Travel Works

TIY Travel Vacations in simple terms – You relax, we work & you get the vacation of your dreams. Yes, it really is that easy! We have spent the time curating a once in a lifetime vacation itinerary & all you need to do is book it, show up and enjoy it.

We are sure you have more questions so take a look through How TIY Travel Works and our FAQs. We’d love to answer any of your questions or concerns directly, so please reach out to schedule a free travel consultation with a TIY Travel Founder- Kelli. 

Kick Back & Relax with TIY

We have taken care of all the planning for our personalized vacations. You can focus on daydreaming…

Choose Your Destination & Dates

Schedule a call with a TIY Travel Expert & let’s select the destination and dates that work best for you. We will dream up your ideal accommodation, activities and answer any questions.

Book Your Trip

After working out the perfect itinerary for you, let’s get your trip confirmed! Pay a 50% trip deposit and your trip is booked! TIY will be working in the background to deliver your dream vacation. 

Dream of Your trip

We will send you a Welcome Package, Packing List & all the information you need for your upcoming trip. Kick back, relax and dream of your upcoming vacation. We will take care of it all! You have a TIY Expert Guide throughout the entire process to answer any questions and make any necessary changes.

What is working with a travel advisor like?

Here are TIY Travel- we specialize in custom vacations. We want to remove the planning stressors from your vacation and provide you with a personalized itinerary and trip just for you and you group!

Reaching out to TIY Travel is like having your own personal travel assistant. We hear you out and provide the ideal trip for your preferences and budgets. Then we work diligently with our in destination partners to ensure you have a seamless – once in a lifetime trip.


Who are TIY Vacations for?

Short answer- people just like you! Travelers that are looking for a carefree and authentic vacation but they don’t have the time or desire to spend hours planning every detail. Travelers that want to experience a new side of a country but are uncertain about how to go about it. Travelers looking for a trip that takes out the guesswork and is certain to be a one of kind incredible trip. Or travelers that want to focus on what is important during vacation – creating memories and bonding with your loved ones and not worry over travel organization.

What is the Accommodation Like?

TIY Travel offers custom vacations, so your accommodation will reflect just that. After our initial consultation,  hand picks each boutique hotel for the ultimate combination of unique design, location and comfort. We want to ensure you have a safe and relaxing place to rest each night, enjoy a swim in a pool, but you are also encouraged to explore the town and businesses around you.

We want our travelers to have the room that fits their needs! We offer several options so that you can pick the room that works best for you. We will go through it all in more detail during the booking process and answer any questions you may have!

Traveling with a Large Group?

Perfect! We specialize in working with groups traveling together. From birthday milestones, to wedding celebrations to corporate retreats, we have experience in organizing and coordinating group travel experiences. Our travelers tell us that their vacations with TIY Travel bring them closer with the important people in their lives and create unforgettable memories. 

What are the costs of working with TIY Travel?

TIY Travel has partnerships and relationships with in- destination suppliers- receiving exclusive pricing and offerings. We are able to organize your trip for essentially what you would have paid by planning it yourself. BUT, when working with TIY Travel, you have access to our expertise, recommendations and concierge service throughout the trip, in addition to handling all the planning logistics

Below are our offerings and situations where planning fees may arise: 

  • Initial Call and Sample Itinerary: Complimentary 
    • During our consultation, we learn about what you are looking for and offer our recommendations. Upon deciding on a destination, dates, activities, and more, we provide you with a sample itinerary that works for your group’s budget.
      • This is typically where most clients say Yes to the Vacation! We then fine tune the itinerary to be perfect for you and proceed with vacation planning. 
  • Second Destination Itinerary: $100
    • If you are debating between destinations still or decide to make a change, we can provide you with a second destination itinerary. In this instance, we charge a planning fee to account for the time that we spend customizing the itinerary just for you. 
  • Major Change (i.e. date or destination change): $50+
    • If after booking the trip a major change occurs, we charge a planning fee for the additional work required. 
      • These fees are on a case by case basis, and we will discuss any fees with you before charging.

Unsure which destination will fit your group’s vibe and budget? Curious which accommodation type is right for your group? Send us a message or schedule a call and we will provide you with personalized recommendations. 

What is included in a TIY Trip?

TIY Vacations are fully customizable, so we can make it an all-inclusive vacation, meaning you show up and we take care of it all, or we can help with just activities and transportation! It is your vacation, so you name it and we’ve got you covered. Your only job is to fully relax and embrace your vacation. Things typically included on all TIY vacations are listed here, but please reach out for a specific itinerary and inclusions just for you.

  • Accommodation - villa or hotel
  • Food- Either groceries, private chef or meals during activities
  • Private Transportation to all locations
  • Airport Transfer
  • Hand curated activities & experiences
  • Welcome Guide to destination & packing list
  • TIY concierge service & expertise from booking to post trip
  • You name it - we will make it happen!

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