How to Get to Sayulita, Nayarit

Sayulita is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international travelers. Located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, it is known for its epic surf waves, laid back energy & the lush tropical jungle that wraps around the beach town. Are you looking to get off the resort path & into more authentic Mexico experiences? Sayulita is a great town to visit and begin to step out of your travel comfort zone.

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Step 1: Book a flight from your home airport to Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR)

PVR Airport is located on the north side of Puerto Vallarta in the state of Jalisco. Major airports across Canada & the US fly direct to PVR, making it an easy trip for most North American travelers. The airport is expanding a second terminal, and new flight routes are being added often. In 2022, there were record travelers flying into Puerto Vallarta, with 6.2 million passengers flying through PVR. While this is still a fraction of travelers compared to those flying into Cancun’s airport, it is showing a clear projection of growth in tourism in the region. We totally understand why – this region is unique and magical.

Direct Routes to Puerto Vallarta

  • Air Canada- YUL, YYC, YYZ
  • Air Transat- YQB, YUL, YYZ
  • Alaska Airlines- LAX, PDX, SFO, SAN, SEA, SJC
  • American Airlines- AUS, DFW, LAX, ORD, PHX
  • Delta Airlines- ATL, DTW, LAX, MSP, SEA, SLC
  • Frontier Airlines- DEN
  • JetBlue- JFK
  • Southwest Airlines – AUS, DEN, HOU, PHX, SNA
  • Spirit Airlines- LAX
  • Swoop Airlines- YHM, YEG, YWG, YXX, YYZ
  • Westjet Airlines- YEG, YLW, YQR, YWG, YXE, YYC, YYZ
  • United Airlines – EWR, DEN, IAH, LAX, ORD, SFO

With so many direct flights to PVR, you will surely find a quick and easy way to get there and be able to explore the region.

Pro tip: If you are looking for a less expensive route and are open with times/dates, look into booking directly to Mexico City. There are many Mexican airlines that only operate regionally, and they have very inexpensive flights to PVR from Mexico City. With a little extra effort and time, you could score major savings!

Step 2: Organize Transport to Sayulita, Nayarit

Did you know that Sayulita is in a different state than Puerto Vallarta? When travelers learn of this, they think that traveling to Sayulita will be a long trip. Good news- it is only a 45 minute drive from the airport, traffic dependent. The highway to Sayulita is a one lane winding road through the magical Sierra Madre Mountains. The beauty of the drive makes it easy to relax and begin to get in vacation mode. There is a new highway under construction that will be finished in 2023. This will make the drive from PVR to Sayulita much quicker!

There are several transportation options for getting to Sayulita. It is all up to your preference & budget! No matter how you choose to get there- the important thing is arriving at your destination safely and ready to vacation.

  • Taxi- if you are a fly by the seat of your pants type of traveler, then grabbing a taxi at the airport is a very easy and readily available option. As you leave customs, there will be many people trying to grab your attention for hotels, rides, and more. Walk straight past them and outside of the airport to the authorized Yellow Taxi sign. Tell them you are going to Sayulita and you’ll be on your way!
  • Cost: approximately $50-$60 USD
  • Rideshare App– Ubers/Lyfts/etc. are not allowed to enter PVR airport for pickup. However, the app will still allow you to call a ride. All you need to do is cross the footbridge (behind the Oxxo) that crosses over the highway. You’ll take a left out of the airport and follow the sidewalk down until it ends- across the way you will see a staircase leading up to the footbridge. Your driver will be waiting for you on the other side. If you prefer the security of rideshare and travel light, this is a great option.
  • Cost: approximately $30-$40 USD
  • Rental Car– my personal favorite option! If you are comfortable driving & want to get off the beaten path, then the flexibility of having a car is near impossible to beat! If you are looking to just stay in Sayulita for most of your trip, it may not be worth it. Parking in Sayulita can be quite challenging. If looking for a rental car- beware many companies advertise without the cost of insurance. Rental insurance is mandatory in Mexico and will increase the costs. I recommend going with a local company that has “all in” pricing. Reach out for specific recommendations!
  • Cost: approximately $50 USD per day
  • Pre-arranged Transport– Likely the most convenient option is pre arranging transport! If you have a large group or just want to make life as easy as possible, this is the way to go. A driver will be waiting for you outside the airport with your name & a car waiting for you. These cars are typically more comfortable than a taxi/rideshare, but you will be paying for the luxury and convenience.
  • Cost: approximately $85-100 USD
  • Bus– calling all adventurous travelers who are conscious of budget and flexible with time! By far the most affordable option, this will take a slight bit of navigation but is extremely doable. Locate the footbridge behind the Oxxo and cross over to the other side. You’ll take a left out of the airport and follow the sidewalk down until it ends- across the way you will see a staircase leading up to the footbridge. Once across- you are at the bus stop! The buses are green & white and will be labeled “Compostela” either on the side or front. Take the bus that has Sayulita written on the front. You’ll pay the driver directly in pesos, $55. The drive will take about 90 minutes and you will then be in Sayulita! You’ll know you are in Sayulita based on the signage and many people getting off at that stop- if you have questions, just ask!
  • Cost: $55 pesos cash, approx. $3 USD

Pro Tip: If you have a friendly driver, ask if they are open to driving you at other times & grab their WhatsApp number. It never hurts to have a friendly number for future ride needs.

Step 3: Arrive in Sayulita!

You have arrived at your destination!! Time to kick back & relax and enjoy your time in this magical town. Few tips for while in town.

  • Highly recommend renting a golf cart. Not only is it a fun way to get around, but it will be more accessible to visit other beaches or further restaurants and shops.
  • Sayulita’s main beach is NOT the only beach in town. Check out Playa de Los Muertos & Playa Carricitos. Or even just go to the north end of Sayulita’s main beach!
  • Eat all the street tacos. If a stall is busy, especially with locals, then stop! You will find the best tacos on the street, not in a restaurant.
  • Check out the neighboring town of San Pancho. It has similar vibes to Sayulita but much less busy and less developed.
  • Enjoy yourself! Sayulita is a safe and friendly destination. Intermingle with the community and learn about this great town.

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