Here is your Mexico Bachelorette Party Ultimate Guide that you have been looking for. Mexico has been a top bachelorette party destination for years, but many groups are now looking for a more unique bachelorette weekend than just going to an all inclusive resort. Mexico Bachelorette Party groups are looking for a vibe that perfectly fits their group and activities that are custom to their group’s wants, needs & budgets. We aren’t going to give you the standard recommendations in this article, i.e. Tulum or Cabo. You will find the top up-in-coming destinations that will have your friends begging to pay for the trip and all your bride friends in awe of your bachelorette weekend! 

Ahead of your big wedding day, brides are all consumed with wedding planning and all that goes into preparing for the big day. Bachelorette parties should be the time to focus on celebrating the bride but oftentimes, they end up causing stress on those involved with planning & attending. Want to avoid all the planning stress & just show up and focus on showering the bride with love? Let TIY handle the logistics while you focus on creating unforgettable bonds and celebrating the upcoming big day with your closest friends. We are here to make this a fun and easy process for all! We work with your budget (see the Mexico Bachelorette Party Calculator) and preferences and provide you with a unique and fun bachelorette party weekend. Schedule your free travel consultation with us today and let’s dream up your ideal bachelorette party weekend.

Here is TIY Travel’s Ultimate Mexico Bachelorette Party Guide, with all TIY’s recommendations for accommodation, activities for the group and best destinations for your Mexico bachelorette party.

Girls having fun on their Mexico Bachelorette Party

Best Destinations in Mexico for a Bachelorette Party

Are you wondering where to go in Mexico for a bachelorette party weekend? These bachelorette Mexico locations have been fully vetted for their ideal combination of safety, uniqueness, beautiful natural surroundings & fun party experiences for the whole group. 

Many bachelorette parties consider Cabo San Lucas, Cancun & Tulum for their weekend celebrations, but we recommend the destinations below for the bride looking for a special experience unlike any other you have seen before. This list is different from the standard Mexico Bachelorette Party recommendation list, and provides you with the most unique and top destinations to celebrate the bride’s big weekend. If you are wondering where are the best places in Mexico for bachelorette party, then this list of bachelorette party places to go to is for you! 

San Pancho and Sayulita Bachelorette Party

Sayulita Mexico Bachelorette Party

San Pancho and Sayulita Nayarit are top destinations for a unique & vibrant bachelorette party. These sister towns are small beach towns with a variety of fun and authentic experiences for the group. They are only a 45 minute drive from Puerto Vallarta International Airport and offer a great alternative to the city vibes of PV. Not only are there several stunning beaches to visit nearby, but they offer wellness focused activities, cultural experiences, tasty food, and are affordable! We may be biased- but these are our favorite recommendations on this list. Want to learn more about a Sayulita Bachelorette Party? Here is our Ultimate Guide for a Sayulita Bachelorette Party.

Who is a Sayulita and San Pancho Bachelorette Party for?

For the bride looking for an authentic small Mexico beach town vibe. The bride that wants unique experiences nearby but also tasty restaurants, trendy shops and beautiful beaches.

Tulum Bachelorette Party vs. Sayulita Bachelorette Party

Tulum is popular for a reason; it is a stunning beach town with authentic vibes. More recently it has become an overcrowded and expensive destination, losing much of the charm that attracted travelers there in the past. Enter Sayulita and San Pancho (Sayulita is rumored to be the next Tulum- check it out before it is too late!) – these two towns offer beautiful beaches, even some secret spots! They have authentic charm and are safe to wander around. Sayulita and San Pancho offer all the good vibes & adventure you hope for in Tulum but without the crowds. 

Travel Tips

Looking for a more lively bachelorette party? Stay in Sayulita! Interested in more laid back vibes? Then San Pancho is the town for you! At only 15 minutes apart, it makes sense to stay in one and visit the other. 

Puerto Vallarta Bachelorette Party

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Bachelorette Guide

Likely the most well known destination on our list, Puerto Vallarta is a popular port town on Mexico’s Pacific Coast that is known for its vibrant nightlife scene, beautiful beaches, and friendly and safe environment. You’ll find some of the best local food right in the heart of the city. You can jump on a boat cruise to the pristine beaches located south of the city. Or take a day trip to nearby beach or mountain towns. Puerto Vallarta offers you convenience and an array of activity options.

Who is a Puerto Vallarta Bachelorette Party for?

For the lively bride who wants to soak up the nightlife and club scene in Puerto Vallarta. The bride who wants convenience and to be at the center of all the activities, restaurants and beautiful beaches.

Cancun Bachelorette Party vs. Puerto Vallarta Bachelorette Party

Unlike a Bachelorette Cancun, Puerto Vallarta is far less developed and traveled to, leading to a more authentic and varied experience. If you are looking for a large resort you can find it in PVR. You can also find a variety of condo rentals or boutique hotels. Puerto Vallarta offers all the convenience and experiences as a bachelorette party Cancun, but it is a less commercialized experience. Bonus: Puerto Vallarta has scenic lush green mountains as a backdrop.

Travel Tips

If you are looking for a large beachfront resort, this is the top destination on the list for your Mexico bachelorette party.

Guadalajara and Tequila Bachelorette Party

Guadalajara and Tequila Mexico Bachelorette Party

Tequila and Guadalajara are the ultimate city + rural bachelorette party. Guadalajara is Mexico’s second largest city. Its neighborhood, Colonia Americana, was recently ranked the TRENDIEST neighborhood in the world. The city is filled with culture and art. It has some of the best restaurants & a vibrant nightlife scene. Guadalajara is surrounded by the mountains and has incredible nature around the city. Bonus: it is only a hour away from the rural town of Tequila, the town where tequila originated from. Anything you are looking for- you can find it in Guadalajara.

Who is a Guadalajara Bachelorette Party for?

The city loving bride that loves trendy restaurants and bars, live music, and day trips! Someone looking for a vibrant bachelorette weekend that also doubles as a travel experience. The bride who loves Tequila.

Mexico City Bachelorette Party vs. Guadalajara Bachelorette Party

Mexico City is the most populous city in North America, and when flying into the airport, you understand why. This city stretches for miles and miles. It is an incredible city but the busyness leads to pollution issues, high prices, and traffic. Guadalajara is a fantastic alternative to Mexico City, as it is easier to get around, has cleaner air and is home to the recently ranked trendiest neighborhood in the world! You’ll get all the city vibes without any of the hassle. Bonus: Guadalajara is extremely affordable!

Travel Tips

Plan a whole day around visiting Tequila. From the UNESCO World Heritage site, to the distilleries, to the town itself, there is so much to be discovered in Tequila. Why visit a winery for your bachelorette party when you can visit Tequila?!

Careyes, Jalisco Bachelorette Party

Careyes Mexico Drone Photo

This exclusive and luxury destination is off the beaten path- as it is intended to be and stay this way. Careyes is a luxury community built around beautiful beaches, colorful and unique architecture and an exclusive vibe that attracts the rich & famous. Also, Careyes is well known for its polo matches, eccentric parties, and world class cuisine. This is definitely one of the best relaxing bachelorette party destinations. Careyes is a bucket list destination- why not go for your Bachelorette Party Mexico Weekend?! 

Who is a Careyes, Jalisco Bachelorette Party for?

For the bride who is looking to relax and be celebrated in paradise. The bride who wants an elevated luxury resort experience and to feel like they are on their own private island with their friends.

Cozumel Bachelorette Party vs. Careyes Bachelorette Party

Careyes is hard to compare to any other destination, but since it is an isolated and remote getaway, the island of Cozumel or Isla Mujeres is the best comparison. Unlike these busy islands that bring in tourism from Cancun, Careyes is a tropical escape that many have never even heard of. And if you know Careyes, you know. Careyes is far more luxurious and boutique than either of these Yucatan islands and is a top luxury destination.

Travel Tip

You can fly into Puerto Vallarta and take the 3.5 hour drive (or take a helicopter if that is in your budget!). Or ideally you can get a flight into the smaller airport in Manzanillo and you are only a 90 minute drive to Careyes.

La Paz, Baja California Peninsula

Beautiful white sand beach in La Paz Mexico

When you think of Baja California, many travelers think of Cabo San Lucas and its desert landscape and wide stretches of beaches. La Paz is on the Baja Peninsula, but at 2.5 hours north of Cabo, it couldn’t be more different. The beaches are famous for the turquoise colored ocean and swimmable waters. It is located on the eastern side of the peninsula and has a similar desert landscape to Cabo but without the crowds and large resorts. La Paz is famous for its outdoor activities, like wind surfing, whale watching, island cruises, kayaking, and hikes. It is an undiscovered paradise.

Who is the La Paz Bachelorette Party for?

For the bride who is an outdoor enthusiast and looking for adventure on her bachelorette party weekend. The bride who wants to snorkel in the turquoise waters and discover diverse marine life.

Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party vs. La Paz Bachelorette Party

Cabo San Lucas is full of large resorts and many are located on the Pacific side of the peninsula, where you cannot swim due to currents and safety. La Paz is nestled along the East coast, a few hours north of Cabo. The waters are not only a striking turquoise blue, but they are also shallow, sandy and perfect for swimming in. You’ll get all the same desert vibes as Cabo, but with better swimming beaches, more authentic towns, and less tourist crowds.

Travel Tip

Looking for a smaller beach town vibe nearby La Paz? Check out La Ventana and Playa Turquesa. 

Where to Stay for a Mexico Bachelorette Weekend Getaway?

Looking to have the best bachelorette in Mexico? It all starts with where you stay as a group and how you envision hanging with your bachelorette party crew. Below is the Ultimate Bachelorette Party Guide to Accommodation. Interested in learning more about your accommodation options? Schedule a call with TIY to learn more about the best places to stay in Mexico for your group!

Private Villa

Where to stay for your Mexico Bachelorette Party

Private villas are our top recommendation for Mexico bachelorette party groups! They provide plenty of space and privacy for the group and common areas to gather and bond as a group. Additionally, there is all the variety in the world when it comes to a villa! No matter your budget, group size or style preference, there is something for your bachelorette crew. And in Mexico, your villa usually comes with a private pool.

Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel in Sayulita Mexico

Locally owned and operated boutique hotels are some of our top accommodation options for bachelorette parties in Mexico. These hotels offer all the comforts & conveniences of a resort, but you will have a more authentic and boutique experience than you would at large hotel chains. Boutique hotels are best for groups looking for more privacy for each celebrator, or alternatively, those wanting to keep costs super low and have people share rooms! They encourage groups to get into the towns they are visiting and support local businesses. In addition, they are a ton of fun- often with pools and bars onsite!


Best Resorts for a Bachelorette Party in Mexico

At TIY Travel, we believe you can have a rejuvenating vacation while having a culturally immersive travel experience. Because of this belief, we stay away from recommending large commercial resorts to our guests. However, we have identified the top boutique resorts in the region that are locally owned and operated, offering a resort stay with authentic vibes. If you are wanting the ease and simplicity of a resort, we will find the best one for your bachelorette party! These options are great for the group looking to just relax on the beach, not venture too far and enjoy resort amenities.

What to Do in Mexico for a Bachelorette Party

Mexico has SO much to offer, no matter your interest or vibe. We always recommend mixing in a healthy amount of relaxation, with party time and cultural experiences at your Mexico Bachelorette Party. Here are our top Mexico Bachelorette weekend getaway ideas.

Wellness Focused Experiences

We all love a good margarita and beach session, but this is also the bachelorette party is time for the bride to relax and forget about the wedding planning stressors. Indulge the group in a wellness focused activity to promote self care and leave everyone feeling at peace. 

  • Spa Treatments
  • Sound Healing 
  • Yoga
  • Cacao Ceremony

Adventure Focused Experiences

A huge benefit of the recommended destinations is their proximity to the Sierra Madre Mountain Range & Pacific Ocean. The lush green tropical mountains offer all sorts of adventure activities, especially hikes with incredible lookout points. This side of Mexico is also famous for its surf breaks and waters that are teeming with marine life. Whether the ocean or mountains are your vibe (or both!), you will find the adventure that you are looking for. 

  • Diving/Snorkeling
  • Surf Lessons
  • Hikes
  • ATV or Zipline through the Mountains

Ocean & Marine Focused Experiences

The ocean, beautiful beaches, marine life and stunning coastlines are a top activity when visiting Mexico. And best news- this can often be a nearly free activity for the whole bachelorette party group. Pack a cooler, towels and your friends and head out for a day of lounging on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Looking for a more elevated beach experience? Visit one of the many beach clubs or rent a private boat for the day! You can jump into water sports or just soak in the sun. 

  • Explore the Beautiful Beaches
  • Relax at Luxury Beach Clubs
  • Take a Boat Tour
  • Visit Islands

Cultural Focused Experiences

No matter your trip length or destination, we always recommend at least one Mexican cultural experience during your Mexico Bachelorette Party. These experiences open your mind to the country you are visiting and are often our guests favorite activities! 

  • Join an Authentic Taco Tour
  • Take a Cooking Class Focused on Local Cuisine
  • Visit a Museum 
  • Tour a Huichol Art Studio

Party & Celebratory Focused Experiences

While adventure and exploring unique experiences can be a great way to celebrate your bride, don’t forget to add in a little bit of fun and party time. 

  • Tequila Tasting 
  • Visit a Cerveceria 
  • Dance Party at Your Private Villa
  • Have a Night Out on the Town
Celebrating the bride in Mexico

How much will a Mexico Bachelorette Party Cost?

Sayulita Mexico Bachelorette Parties can be a very affordable alternative to US bachelorette parties. And they offer you and your friends a tropical getaway that the whole crew will enjoy. While overall costs will depend on your accommodation, group size and experience choices, we’ve created a simple Bachelorette Party calculator that allows you to input all this information to receive an estimate price/person for your weekend! Send us an email or schedule a call with any questions or to receive your custom itinerary and quote!

Is a Bachelorette Party in Mexico safe?

Yes, Mexico can be a very safe and comfortable destination for your bachelorette party. Every destination is different, but there are many safe locations for your Mexico bachelorette party, including the destinations on this list. We always recommend doing your research ahead of time or working with an in-destination expert to guide you along your bachelorette party planning! Here at TIY, we only recommend destinations that have been vetted for safety.

Travel Tips for your Bachelorette Party Weekend Getaway

Book in Advance: 

Booking at least 9 months in advance, offers you the best rates and choices for accommodation and activities. Also, it gets the whole group excited and looking forward to the celebration weekend- and hey, another thing scratched off the wedding to do list. But really, we recommend booking in advance primarily for the best choice of accommodation. Many of these Mexican bachelorette party destinations are smaller towns that have a limited supply of large home rentals. By securing your home rental in advance, you are getting the best house for the best price!

Don’t Fall into Tourist Traps

For better or worse, many think of Senor Frogs, All-Inclusive Resorts, Sombreros and Mariachi when they think of Mexico. YES- Mexico is a fun and vibrant destination where you can relax with a margarita in hand on the beach. However, Mexico offers your bachelorette party so much more than tourist traps and commercialized spots. The larger beach towns of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas and even Tulum have been extremely popular tourist spots for decades, which naturally leads to more tourist traps. When you visit lesser known destinations, you are guaranteed to have a more unique experience and mingle with local travelers and not just beach vacationers.

Work with Destination Experts (TIY!)

Planning a trip to a new destination can be overwhelming- we get it! Here at TIY, we are experts in the states of Nayarit and Jalisco travel and love sharing these unique destinations with travelers. Bachelorette Parties can be stressful for those involved with planning. Our goal is to remove all the planning stressors, so you can show up to your dream bachelorette party and focus on what is important- creating memories with your people and celebrating your upcoming day.

How to book your Mexico Bachelorette Party?

Don’t wait another moment to start planning your dream bachelorette party in Mexico. Learn more about TIY’s Custom Mexico Bachelorette Parties or contact us today and let’s turn your vision into a reality. Together, we’ll create an unforgettable experience that will leave you and your friends with memories to last a lifetime.

TIY makes planning and booking easy- you just show up and enjoy the bachelorette party weekend. Travel If You specializes in Mexico bachelorette party planning. We offer all-inclusive packages, including experiences, accommodation, transportation & anything you can dream up and request! The costs will be broke down for price per person for ease & simplicity. Depending on your groups preferences TIY’s Mexico bachelorette party packages can range from $650-$900/traveler for a 4 Day/3 Night trip.

  1. Schedule a Call- Lets chat dreams & budget. TIY will provide you with an itinerary that is tailored for your groups’ wishes & preferences.
  2. Pay Deposit– Finalize booking & pay deposit. You will receive a welcome package to prepare you for the party!
  3. Enjoy the Bachelorette Party!– Kick back, relax & dream of your weekend! We will take care of it all, and your crew just needs to show up and enjoy the trip.